Binary Options trading is becoming the most frequent and favorite method of trading at the market and making money online. Simplification of the trading process and narrowing all the calculations to the choice between two options – “Call” or “Put” has made this trading method accessible to many people without previous knowledge or experience in finance. However, most traders are aware that success and profiting in binary options trading depend on the expert broker company your trading software is associated with. There are dozens of trading platforms available online now. All of them are offering quite similar services and terms, so it’s getting pretty hard to pick the right one for you. At the same time, this field isn’t regulated strictly yet, which leaves a lot of room for fraudulent and unprofessional broker companies to hunt for naive new traders.

Fortunately, some trading platforms are well known among traders and have great reputation justified day after day.

What’s so great about this broker?

Well, first of all, their website is well designed, systematically constructed and full of educational material and useful information. You can see that they are fully dedicated to professional services and their work is rather transparent. High levels of quality business are met here. Their selection of available binary options and assets is huge, and you will certainly find here all the things you’d like to invest your money into.

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They have clients in over 50 countries, several years’ long tradition in this field and regular traders satisfied with services. Returning percentages are steady and solid, somewhat around 85 %. This trading platform supports various currencies, including Japanese Yen, which makes them one of only a few binary options brokers to welcome traders from Japan. Useful and responsive customer service is available pretty much at any time of a day, and you can easily get expert’s advice and help if you need it.

Types of accounts you will find here

One thing makes this trading platform particularly attractive, especially among new, inexperienced traders. If you make an initial deposit of 200 dollars, this broker gives you access to the demo version of binary options trading software. Demo version gives you the opportunity to test your trading skills and knowledge and try executing transactions using virtual money, without an actual risk. Once you feel ready for the real deal, you may choose one of three available accounts.

binary-options-trading-as-an-investment-vehicleThe basic account is accessible with starting deposit of 250 dollars and it includes regular market reviewing, access to all available binary options and assets, as well as plenty of educational material and customer services. Gold and Platinum account have higher initial deposits, but also include plenty convenient services, bonuses and additional percentage added to the regular returning. Learn more at

More convenient terms and aspects

Aside from the fact that this broker supports four binary options types and huge collections of assets, it offers pretty affordable fees and deposits. Minimum deposit is 250 dollars, and the maximum is 10 000 dollars. Success rates are around 85%, and no extra charges, and unexpected costs show up while withdrawing your profit.