We all have skills in which we are better than most of other people. Someone can write, someone can create figures out of various materials, and some people have high processing abilities that help them in work that requires calculations.

In this particular article, we will focus on things that people can create and sell. We will avoid skills that help in trading alongside the Fintech LTD and other similar software. That is a subject for another article, and we will keep it like that.

Write a book or create a video and make some profit out of it

Writing isn’t easy, but it does have the potential to bring enormous profit. We could list several different types of writing, depending on the subjects and the length of the text, but we won’t. Instead of that, we will talk about writing an eBook. Even when it comes to eBooks, we can list several different types including novels and short informative books.

writing-your-digital-book-56a6d0143df78cf772905e32Writing a book requires a lot of time, research, and creativity. You have to create the world and storyline people will like. If you succeed in doing that, then you could earn thousands of dollars, and maybe even more. But if you fail to write something interesting, online critics will give it negative reviews and the possibility of profit will disappear.

Writing a short eBook that might be in the form of guide, extended explanation or anything like that is easier than writing a novel. Several different websites offer publishing deals, so it is relatively easy to release the book. Do remember that eBooks like that don’t have high revenues. You should be happy if your work earns 300 dollars because that is the upper limit for works like that.

Youtube holds a relatively good potential for profit and your creativity will have an enormous impact on that. You can try and create funny videos, game playthroughs, introductions into games and movies, informative videos in which you will explain various things and so on. The point is to create a quality content that will attract viewers. The pay isn’t great (up to 3 dollars for one thousand views), but with good content, the number of viewers will increase.

Those that succeed on Youtube through games can begin streaming over Twitch. This is another way to generate profit through donations and subscriptions.

Other ways to sell your creations

binary-robotsIf you are good at making some items, then you can try to sell them online. You will be surprised by the number of potential buyers. The internet is full of people that seek different things, and your creation might just be the thing they want.

Another way to sell your creations is to sell your skills. Instead of creating something and selling it afterward, you can sell your skills and get paid for the creation of the item (service). The fee will vary, as it depends on the level of your skills, the size and the complexity of the project and your previous work experience.